Music – The Next Great Writing Technique

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Music – The Next Great Writing Technique

May 8, 2019 Writing tips 0

Music – The Next Great Writing Technique

We all love music. Why wouldn’t we? The power it wields to enhance or alter our emotions is a wondrous thing. Whether suffering from a broken heart or celebrating a momentous occasion, the perfect song can transform a single moment into an experience that can stay with us for a lifetime.


“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” – Plato


Little wonder a lot of authors love listening to music as they create worlds that hold us spellbound. Only now, with the help of technology, is a new trend emerging of combining music into the story landscape itself.


What better way to set the ultimate scene then by blending two of the most emotive genres? Think about it. Even the most acclaimed movies would fall flat without a soundtrack behind it, no matter how good the actors are.


Naturally, I absolutely had to use this technique in my own novel, Playing With Demons. Since, it’s publication I have been ecstatic to hear how much readers have enjoyed its soundtrack, although I’ve found it’s not for everyone, which is absolutely fine. The world of writing would be a dismal affair if we all enjoyed the same thing. But one of my fans that were not sold on the idea, did raise an interesting question. Is including modern music alienating some readers and likely to become dated quickly?


Personally, I find that the songs integrated into book scenes, even ones I wouldn’t typically enjoy, go on to invoke a personal connection that holds you captive when you hear them again. I’m quietly confident they will weather the shelf life of your typical romance novel. After all, each song is specifically selected because of its intense ability to represent a specific scene or emotion, not because of its current rank in iTunes. But I guess only time will tell.


For now, grab your copy of Playing With Demons. Fill up your wine glass and have your Playing With Demons Spotify soundtrack ready to go!! Alternatively, you can find each song on Apple Music.


Happy Reading!