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The Devils in the Detail Series

Playing With Demons – Book 1

In a world where humans are unaware of the demons that roam amongst them, it’s left to the Nephilim to keep it that way—or at least that’s what Grace Campbell was brought up to believe. Grace might have been born half-Nephilim and half-demon, but her loyalty is wholly on the side of the good guys. She’s dedicated her life to protecting the innocent, and her mixed linage only makes her better at her job. Unfortunately, her blood also makes her the only one capable of entering Hell’s hidden wards.

Now her latest assignment will see Grace endure the trials of the seven deadly sins in order to win a barbaric tournament to secure an important prize to help the Nephilim in their fight. To survive, Grace will be forced to embrace her dark side and accept the help of her greatest opponent yet, Lucifer’s son.

The very sexy Son of Satan, Zadeon, will leave Grace questioning just who the real bad guys are.

Playing with Demons – Book Trailer

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After learning the painful truth of her past, Grace will stop at nothing to ensure other innocent children aren’t forced to suffer the same fate. But life isn’t through punishing her for her mixed bloodline yet. A knew enemy descends and not even the Prince of Hell can help her. Battle lines a drawn turning friends into enemies and renewing once fractured loyalties. But Grace isn’t going down without a fight… Not even one against Heaven and Hell.